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Magnetism 2
Use the 3 available magnets i.e. regular, electro and p…

Match Up
4x4 Memory game with Korean style comic

Monster Hatch
Click on the eggs to hatch the monsters

African Mask
A challenging puzzle game

World Cup Soccer Tourname…
3-a-side soccer game with multiple difficulties setting…

Bowling for Nuns
Bowling game with nuns as the pins

110m Hurdles
Race in this 110M Hurdles track and field event

Pressure Shot
This game have its background as 204 Ryder Cup

Feeder War
Most babies do not like to eat. Help them to destroy th…

Element Saga
Defeat the evil army of Komos and protect the historic …

Round Rong
Rong is simple a Circular version of Pong

Lightyear Alpha
Collect Energy residue by destroying enemy and gain spe…

Balloon Slinger
Throw water balloon at the pedestrians from top of the …

Championship Cock Fighter…
Cock fighting! Control and beat the opposing cock

Maple Story
Battle monster and perform quest. This game is also gre…

Turtle Bridge
use the turtle as a bridge but dont fall

Alphabet Soup
Forming word quickly by clicking on the falling letters

Cat'O Mania
Fork the mouse to proect your piece of cheese before it…

Click on the monster in the same sequence

Bobby World
Survive as long as you can to score as much points as p…

Delta Flash
Kill your enemy as fast as possile to score.

Mad Cows
Click on the mad cows before they hide themselves

Shootout II
Sequel to the shoot out game

Animal Hunter
Hunting rabbit, birds, etc in the jungle.

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