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24 100
A 3D puzzle game. The objective is to align the number …

Memory 2000
A nice remake of the classic Simon Says game

Mood Match
A 6x6 memory game

Instead of hanging the man, a roulette gun is use in th…

Cone Crazy
try to knock down all the cones in the limited time tha…

Shoot' em In
Move the player inside the half-circle with the mouse a…

Ski 2000
Ski with style in this snow ski game

Surf's Up
A surfing game produce by miniclip.com

Le Casse Dents
Funny clone of the classic Arkanoid game - now you have…

Super Mario Time Attack R…
Princess Peach is kipnaped, and Mario is entrust to fre…

Blast away all astroids

Fly Catcher
Catch flies as your food and avoid being smashed.

Friday the 24th
Attack elves and Santa Claus in Xmas eve.

Pumpkins Ballade
Fly a broom as a witch in this halloween game

Red Beard
Play as RedBeard in this platform game

Flash version of the board game. Your mission is to fin…

Maxim's Adventure
Ride the skateboard as Maxim

Love Hina
Another Japanese Anime style dating simulation

Avoid the bullet as long as possible

Bobby World
Survive as long as you can to score as much points as p…

Operation SOS
Save the Santa and Christmas from evil penguin in this …

105 Fish In A Barrel
105 only the BLUE fish in this game - it is much harder…

War On Terrorism II Defen…
Choose from 3 weapons and defend against terrorists in …

Thirty Second Monkey Hunt
Hunt down as many monkey as you can in 30 seconds

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